Strategic thinking and planning should be ongoing processes that are meaningful, productive, inclusive, and use the many strengths of small schools as a springboard for success.

As heads and board members of small schools, you need to constantly think strategically and plan on multiple levels to ensure your school’s success. You also need to develop and articulate specific goals and strategies that take into account your close-knit community and limited resources. Sometimes you can develop these strategies on your own; other times, you need help.

Acies Strategies works with small schools to engage in strategic thinking and to develop goals and strategies that are responsive to the needs of their individual communities; no cookie-cutter plans here! Whether large-scale or small project, we help you identify your desired outcomes, listen closely to your constituents, and lead you through a process that is personalized, relevant, reflective, and results in measurable success.

We facilitate:

  • Full strategic planning processes
  • Smaller strategic goal-setting projects
  • Facilitated strategic thinking and visioning sessions

Thanks to Brooke’s guidance and highly organized approach, our Board was able to unite behind a forward-looking strategic plan and vision for Evergreen’s future! Our planning retreat was such an effective use of everyone’s time and the end result was beyond our expectations.

John DiMarchi, Head of School, Evergreen School

"Brooke keeps the Board informed, involved, and energized to do the strategic work necessary. She asks for input and genuinely considers it before making a decision. She made my work as the Board Chair that much easier over the last 8 years."

Ginny McDonald, Former Board Chair, Seneca Academy

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