Governing the Small School:

   Strategies for Boards

Published by Bold Story Press

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A resource for heads and board of small schools 

The issues facing small independent schools are complex and challenging. The need for effective board governance has never been so pressing, yet often small school boards are left to navigate those challenges on their own—until now. Governing the Small School: Strategies for Boards offers modern thinking, effective strategies, and effective board governance practices for small independent schools, highlighting the unique strengths and challenges small school boards and leaders face. It describes how to fulfill governance roles and responsibilities, along with skill-building activities for board members. This book is an important resource for any small school—it provides concrete and immediately applicable resources to help board members implement governance practices that will lead their school to sustainability and success.


Executive Director, Independent
Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS)

“Do you serve a small school? For trustees, board chairs, and heads of schools, reading Governing the Small School: Strategies for Boards is almost like sitting down to coffee with small schools’ best friend Brooke Carroll. In clear and conversational language, you'll be led through strategies and practical tools from respected governance sources as well as Brooke’s own extensive experience. She nudges us kindly and persistently toward governance excellence. As a former head of small schools, I would have cherished this gift of a book that can now be in your hands.” 


Head of School, The Crefeld School

“In Governing the Small School, Dr. Brooke Carroll lays out a blueprint uniquely applicable to boards of small independent schools. This is the kind of resource small schools are always in search of, and it is equally valuable to the newest board member and the most tenured. I look forward to reading it with our whole board of trustees this summer.”


Head of School, Friends Community School

“While Brooke Carroll has written for the small independent school
board, this book is a much needed resource for any school leader,
board chair, or board member of a school of any size. In the aftermath
of the pandemic and the emerging realities of a VUCA world, small school boards and their leaders require clarity and understanding of
their duties in order to be strategic and forward-thinking. Clear and straightforward, Governing the Small School is balanced with anecdotes and research. My book has many dogged ear pages that I will turn to time and time again.” 

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Strategies for Boards

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