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Small school boards need to hire and support a head of school with the right skills, abilities, and temperament to match and respond to the needs of the community.

Current Head Searches

Phoenix Friends Middle School

Communication Clarity Worksheet

This worksheet, designed for heads and board chairs of small schools, provides facilitated conversations to help understand communication styles and preferences and provide a foundation for your professional working relationship.
(This is useful for anyone in a professional work relationship!)

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In a small school, where relationships, communication, and connections are paramount, choosing the "right" head of school is critical.

The processes for articulating the characteristics of an ideal head of school and then identifying and on-boarding that individual need to be responsive to the unique circumstances of the school. You need a consultant who knows small schools, listens to your community, and can help find the right next head of your school.

“Dr. Carroll guided our board and search committee through an objective, rigorous, and yet accelerated process to identify a best-in-class interim Head of School. She provided invaluable advice on governance and process, and spent many long hours, including weekends and evenings, to move the process forward. I simply cannot imagine how we could have accomplished this feat without Dr. Carroll.”

Scott Reeder, Search Committee Chair, Madison Country Day School


“Our experience with Brooke was great! Finding a new head of school can seem like an overwhelming challenge—but she drew up the perfect roadmap for us. Her thoughtful and sensitive guidance turned a daunting task into a positive experience.”

Linda S., Search Committee member,  Friends Meeting School

What Differentiates Acies Strategies' Head Search Services?


Acies Strategies understands and focuses on the strengths and challenges of small schools. We help school leaders find candidates who are seeking the close-knit, responsive, and collaborative environments that small schools provide.


We understand that in a small school many constituents (faculty & staff, parents, alumni, even students) want to be involved. They want and expect to have a voice in something as important as finding the next head. We help Search Committees listen to these voices and appropriately include school constituents in the search process.


We know that in small schools everyone wears many hats and each person has lots to do! We make the search process clear, efficient, and with no surprises. Serving on a Search Committee takes time, attention, and effort. We support schools through each step, making the process as transparent and seamless as possible. We are only an email or phone call away!


We work with boards to enhance their efficacy. Many of the skills and strategies that are needed for a head search are also required for an effective board. We share knowledge about topics such as strategic thinking, consideration of community feedback, recognition of cognitive bias, consideration of diversity of thought and perspective, transition planning, and more with boards to ensure they are prepared to be effective governors.


We take care of candidates. While we are hired by a school and the school is our client, we believe that by supporting candidates with clear, complete, honest, and timely communication we are better able to help schools find their ideal next head. By ensuring that both schools and candidates feel that they are informed, included, and respected, the focus can be on finding the right match.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Recently Completed Head Searches:

Wye River Upper SchoolPeoria Academy, Christ Episcopal SchoolSt. Anne's School of AnnapolisFriends Meeting School  Friends Community School

School Leadership Coaching

Heads of small schools have a herculean task in managing all aspects of their school, community and board. With fewer resources (both financial and human), they still need to accomplish the same tasks as larger schools.

Many times, smaller schools are led by leaders in their first headship position.

These leaders need support! 

Engaging in a coaching and/or mentorship relationship with someone who has been the leader of a small school and who can listen, reflect, and support, provides small school leaders with a valuable opportunity to process, learn, and grow.

Benefits of Coaching:
Increased self-awareness
Increased confidence
Increased skills
Increased motivation
Increased efficacy


“Brooke's coaching has provided me with the tools (and, dare I say the permission?!), to dig deep inside of myself and see that I really do have the answers. I have learned to trust my instinct, be comfortable with discomfort, and grow!”

Liz Dover, Head of School, GreenMount School

“In a very short period of time, Dr. Carroll gained my trust and admiration. She is an effective and empathetic communicator. I highly recommend her not only as a leadership and small school consultant but as a competent and respectful voice on hiring diverse leaders.”

Stephanie F., Head elect, Wye River Upper School


“Brooke and I have spent quite a bit of time unpacking the relationship between the Head of School and the Board of Trustees. As a brand new head of school, Brooke has provided me with the tools to develop this partnership. Both my board chair and I are quite pleased with the results! ”

Liz Dover, Head of School, GreenMount School

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