Where can I find relevant professional development for my small school board?

board governance board planning small schools Jun 07, 2021
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Most small school board members are dedicated, hardworking, and care passionately about their school. 

They want to make a difference and ensure that their school survives and thrives well into the future.

Yet they don’t always know how to make that happen. 

Board governance is often tricky- and requires skills and practices that we don’t normally use in our everyday lives. 

While there is information and professional development that can be found for board members, it typically is generalized and doesn’t highlight the UNIQUE circumstances that small schools face. Furthermore, it often only focuses on what boards should do, rather than HOW to do it.

I’ve developed a professional development program designed especially for small schools, that takes into account the benefits as well as the challenges small schools face. It also provides specific steps to navigate how to implement effective governance practices. 

Small schools NEED effective boards. Would your small school board members benefit from a professional development program designed specifically for them?

Click here to get on the list for more information about this program that launches in July 2021.

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