How do you measure your board's performance? 

Your board works hard, meets regularly, makes decisions- yet are you realizing the outcomes you want? Is your board as effective as it could be?
Small school boards need regular, comprehensive evaluations to ensure they are effective and meeting expectations, as well as to guide goal-setting and planning for the future.

Help me evaluate my board’s effectiveness

How do you make decisions regarding what improvements are needed on your small school board?

How do you measure how well your board is performing in ALL the areas of effective governance??

How do you develop annual goals for your board and board committees?

What if your board had personalized feedback regarding where you are succeeding and where you could improve?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel confident that you understood your board member’s opinions, received feedback from an expert about how to improve your board policies and procedures, and had a roadmap for goal-setting?!?




Acies Strategies provides a personalized evaluation process for small school boards that addresses the following:


  • Board composition

  • Board culture and climate (including feelings of equity and inclusion)

  • Goal setting

  • Board meeting process and procedures (including board documents)

  • Committee structure and process

  • Head of School communications and support

  • Strategic Thinking 

  • Financial Oversight

  • Development and Fundraising

  • Board Professional Development

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The small school board evaluation process is streamlined and doesn't take a lot of your board members' valuable time! 

The Process:

1. Board members complete an online survey (~20 minutes)

2.  The head and board chair each complete an online survey (~20 minutes)

3. The head or board chair sends board documents (board agendas and minutes, bylaws, handbook, strategic plan, etc.) for review (~15 minutes)

What you receive:

1. Summary of survey data

2. A written summary of findings

3. Recommendations for addressing 10 areas of board governance

3. A 1-hour phone consultation to discuss the summary and recommendations and to strategize implementation

Acies Strategies will conduct a LIMITED number of small school board evaluations during the summer of 2021. 

Don't miss your opportunity!

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