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Strategic Small School Governance: Online Course 

What if you had the knowledge and tools to be a fully strategic and effective board?

You would be able to ensure that your school was successful and thriving and able to support students well into the future!

The Strategic Small School Governance online course guides board leaders in facilitating the professional development their board members need to ensure they have the RIGHT FOCUS, the RIGHT PEOPLE, and the RIGHT PRACTICES for effective governance.

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The relationship between the head of school and the board chair is a critical one, especially in a small school. You need to support one another while the chair is supporting board members and the head is supporting the school. And who is supporting you?

Wouldn’t you like to have a trusted advisor lead you through a tested process to consider all of the aspects of governance your board needs? Wouldn’t you LOVE to feel confident that you are addressing all of the aspects of governance that will enable your school to be culturally, programmatically, systematically, and financially sustainable?

Yes! We’d love to be guided by a trusted advisor to support our board!

The Strategic Small School Governance online course was designed for busy board members to help you prioritize your efforts, strategize effective board engagement, and develop systems for effective board work.

It is the only program available that provides specific tools and templates for small school heads and board chairs to guide your work together. This program takes into account your busy schedules by providing knowledge, resources, and tools that you can access on your own time.



Short videos and accompanying workbooks that present valuable information in critical areas to ensure you have the right focus, people, and practices to ensure and effective board.



Workbooks for board leaders and board members that  Include questions, activities, and case studies. Links to templates, articles, cheat sheets, and other supportive resources.



Specific tools and techniques that your board can immediately implement to increase knowledge and facilitate discussions and decisions.


Without education and guidance, your board and school suffer.

Could this be your Board?

  • Your board invests significant time and energy but you don't see a difference in your school's bottom line or growth.
  • Board members aren't always able to make effective, strategic decisions.
  • Not all board members understand their role and sometimes mistakenly overstep it.
  • Long meetings without a clear agenda or focus result in frustrated board members.
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Areas of Focus

There are SO many topics for boards to discuss and consider- how do you as board facilitators decide what to address first? This program provides three modules with a total of 17 lessons to guide you on your learning journey. 

1) Board Leadership

The four lessons in this module support board chairs and heads in "getting on the same page" regarding board leadership and provide guidance on planning and facilitating board interactions. 

2) Charting the Course


The five lessons in this module provide board members with an overview of governance focus and practices, how to think and plan strategically, and how to address culture, climate, equity, inclusion, and belonging. These lessons provide a foundation for the learning in module 3.

3) Strategic Practices

The eight lessons in this module support the practices boards need to address in order to be effective. They include:

  • Board member recruitment and onboarding
  • Committees
  • Financial forecasting
  • Head support and evaluation
  • Development & fundraising
  • Board evaluation
  • Governing in crisis
  • Minutes, agendas, and record-keeping
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What others are saying....

"The whole program was fantastic, the sequence of ideas and structures were logical and extremely practical.

I especially found it beneficial to learn about why and how to focus on strategic goals specific to the board. Thanks for everything Brooke!"

Nate D., Head of School

"Your training is the first that has given me a structure on which to hang my thoughts about the function of boards in general. I can now determine more easily what is none of my business:  that is to say, those issues that belong properly to the HOS and not the board.  This is of great benefit to me as a board member because I can move such issues out of my way and concentrate on what is definitely the responsibility of the board. In a small board supporting a small school, each board member must wear several hats simultaneously and having a structure creates a more efficient and focused way for me to work.

And you made me laugh (at foolish mistakes I have made) and  listen (to what other board members think and feel and believe).  Your training made me eager to create a new strategic plan and execute it.  I know our Board will be able to accomplish this task.
Thank you.  You're the Queen of understanding how boards work best and you can communicate this openly to new and old board members alike."

Linda S., Board Member

"This program has provided me with the guidance and resources to lead our board from being "hands-on" and too much in operations, to being a strategic board. It has also helped me understand a process for leading generative thinking."

Steve P., Board Chair

Your investment in your board is priceless. AND- this is a high-quality program your school can afford.

Acies Strategies' mission is to help small schools and boards. And that's why we're passionate about providing this valuable program at a price that works for your school. You can feel good about being fiscally responsible and providing your board members with the comprehensive professional development they need.

What will you receive in the Strategic Small School Governance Online Course?

Three learning module that includes:

1) Short (15-30 minute) direct instruction videos
2) Workbooks to guide learning
3) Questions, activities, and case studies to help apply content to your specific school
4) Quarterly live (virtual) group coaching workshops with other school leaders

Total Value: $4757 Cost to you: $997! (hurry- this price won't last long!)


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Brooke Carroll, Instructor

I know boards AND small schools.

I've "walked the walk" and know the challenges you're facing. I'm leading from experience as well as research and theory.


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You can start any time! This ongoing program is completely online.

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