The Building Better School Boards Mini-Series: The Strategic Board

This series of three workshops provides specific information, strategies, and resources for independent school board members on HOW to govern strategically and effectively to ensure their school's success.


As we transition out of crisis, boards need to strategically plan for the future.

We can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, and schools are beginning to plan for the "next normal." Board members need to feel confident that they have the knowledge and tools necessary to strategically plan for the success of their school moving forward. 

Independent school board members are hardworking, motivated, and passionate about their schools. They WANT to ensure the long-term thrivability of the organization. Yet they don't always have the knowledge or skills to be most effective.

And even if boards know what they should be doing, they don't always know how to accomplish their goals. 

Boards need practical, easily implemented strategies to help them be strategic and effective so they can ensure the health and sustainability of their school.

The Building Better School Boards series provides live, virtual webinars, along with downloadable resources that give practical, specific, and immediately implementable strategies effective board governance!


Workshop #1 

Strategic Focus

Understand what governance means and how your board needs to spend it's time and direct it's focus to fulfil it's responsibilities. Resources include frameworks to help clarify roles and responsibilities, and steps to assess how your board is currently functioning.

Workshop #2

Strategic Membership

Learn the steps for identifying who you have and who you need on your board. Understand how to recruit board members other than parents. Resources include planning templates, cheat-sheets, and steps for identifying and recruiting board members.


Workshop #3

Strategic Meetings

Learn how to run organized, engaging, efficient, and action-oriented board meetings that focus on visionary and strategic goals. Resources include templates, cheat-sheets, and steps for facilitating productive board meetings.


"The Building Better School Boards training sessions have been stimulating and challenging. Brooke understands the teaching/learning dynamic and is an expert at leading school boards of directors/trustees into unchartered territory. She guides as well as leads. No one is left out. Her intelligence, warmth, and knowledge push all of us in this group toward new understanding and the courage to try more successful strategies than the ones we currently use. I have learned a great deal."

Linda S.
Board member

Building Better School Boards Mini-Series: The Strategic Board

Three workshops targeting the specific knowledge and skills independent school board members need to be strategic and effective governors. Workshops will cover:

  1. Specific strategies and resources for focusing the board on visionary, long-term, goal-oriented governance while staying informed about operations.
  2. Specific strategies and resources for identifying who is needed to serve on the board and how to recruit them.
  3. Specific strategies and resources for facilitating efficient and action-oriented board meetings.
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What do you get in the Building Better School Boards Mini-Series? 

  1. Strategic Focus: Thursday, February 4th from 3-4:30 pm EST
  2. Strategic Membership: Thursday, February 18th from 3-4:30 pm EST
  3. Strategic Meetings: Thursday, March 4th from 3-4:30 pm EST
  4. TONS of downloadable resources!!
Priced separately, each element of the program is valued at:
  • 3 workshops= $1,500
  • E-library with resources = $500
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